“Shot in what could pass for a prison cell, Momentum, by Boris Seewald, delivers a highly original and side-splitting take on the transformative power of dance, using the filming and editing techniques of MTV-style music videos but with far more subtlety and imagination, and an irresist- ible streak of lunacy. Starting with a simple but hilarious premise involving a tortilla chip, the film celebrates the magnetic Patrick Hanna, a young dancer with a mischievous twinkle in his eye, who entices his middle-aged mother, played by Shoko Ito, into his surreal dance world.”
The Huffington Post

“Taking a simple story with a universal message and injecting it with energy and warmth, Seewald has created a short film bound to inspire and entertain its audience.”
Short Of The Week

“Boris Seewald [...] demonstrated that dance films can be hilariously entertaining. [...] It was so refreshing to see a dance film that wasn’t filled with drama and angst”
Heather Desaulniers (Dance critic and PhD in dance history)

“Inventive, original, honest, and witty, Momentum has great energy and re- freshes the genre with youthful vigor. Seewald demonstrates a confident use of the film medium to convey the power and depth of the dance experience.”
San Francisco Dance Film Festival

“Im Kern ist Momentum eine Hommage an die Kraft des Tanzens, die sich durch cleveres Editing, eine frische
Herangehensweise, und einen wirklich sehr guten Soundtrack – was bei Tanzfilmen unerlässlich ist
– von Ralf Hildenbeutel auszeichnet.
ZEIT Online

“Von Einstellung zu Einstellung steigert sich die Dynamik der improvisiert wirkenden Choreographie, dazu
passend die Musik, ansteckend in ihrer Lebendigkeit. Eine verbildlichte Synopse zwischen Körper und Geist
- unterhaltsam, effektvoll und mitreißend.”
Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung

“Momentum is not just an ode to dancing passion, it’s a way of life, a way of living every bit of it.”
Epic Short Films

“The film is a fresh and surprising celebration of dance: the fun and enthusiasm radiate from there.”

“There is an electricity and drive to this film which stays with us. And it deals with what Dance IS.
Essentially. Joy. And it transports us
with its optimism and imagination.”
Dance Film Festival Lucerne

“I really loved Momentum like a breath of un self-conscious fresh air.”
Jon Harris – Editor (Snatch, 127 Hours, Kick-Ass, Trance)

“What an engaging character! [...] incredibly polished and beautiful imagery.”
Olivia Coleman (Actress)

“I absolutely loved this. Brilliant piece of filmmaking… uplifting and inspiring. Soundtrack was
powerful and bolstered the increasingly chaotic visuals.”
Steve Furst (Comedian / Actor)

“So visually creative, loved the use of projection, layered image and editing. Totally captivating.”
Sarah Godfrey (Lecturer in Film and Television Studies)

“A beautiful mixture of lyrical and stunning visual content”
Design By Alex

“It comes as no surprise that this received so many awards, due to it’s positive receptionand joyful viewing.
James Hatton Blog