In a series of 13 clips, the orchestra of Konzerthaus Berlin recreates sounds of Berlin. Each clip with a different scenario which represents the city.

The clips were released on social media platforms as well as in Berlin-based cinemas.

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Client: Konzerthaus Berlin
Concept: Elena Kountidou

Composer: Michael Edwards / Christian Tschuggnall
DOP: Christoph Valentien
Sound: Philipp Nedel
Additional Camera: Tobias Albrecht

Gaffer: Yogis Tulloch
Camera Assistent: Sascha Zenker / Jakob Pozoga / Erik Koschnik
Hair & Make-Up: Susanne Glöckner / Sandra Leutert

Produktion Manager: Pit Pallesche
Production Assistant: Franziska von Bethmann / Maximilian Reich
Making-Of: Mia Meyer
Producer: Bernhard von Hülsen / Maria Willer
Production Company: 3B Produktion GmbH

Directed and edited by Boris Seewald