Krabat Animation


Animated sequences for the ARTE documentary about Otfried Preußler who is one of the most successful German authors of the 20th century. His children's classics such as "Der Räuber Hotzenplotz" and "Die kleine Hexe" are still read and lived today. The documentary, produced by 3B-Produktion and directed by Thomas von Steinaecker shows Preußler's moving story and his years-long attempts to process these experiences in his book of life "Krabat".

Together with Max von Bock we took the illustrations from the books and brought them to life: Character rigging, background extension and adding texture with scanned lino print ink and vintage paper.

Animation / Art Direction: BORIS SEEWALD
Animation / Character Rigging: MAX VON BOCK

Produced by 3B PRODUKTION
for ARTE