Konzerthaus Berlin - Sleigh Ride

Corporate Film

Seasons Greetings from the brass players of the orchestra of Konzerthaus Berlin in a rotoscoped animation video.

The video consists of around 1000 individual hand-painted images on paper. The shot material with the brass instruments served as a reference for the rotoscopy, an animation technique in which images are redrawn or repainted frame by frame. Felt-tip pens, colored pencils, watercolor paint, acrylic paint and ink were mainly used. The foreground and background were painted separately and then digitally reassembled.

Directed by Boris Seewald
Animation: Boris Seewald / Max von Bock / Miwha Seewald
Produced by 3B-Produktion

Peter Dörpinghaus -Trumpet
Sören Linke - Trumpet
Uwe Saegebarth - Trumpet
Stephan Stadtfeld - Trumpet
Gergö Turai - Trumpet
Timo Steininger - Horn
Roberto de la Guía Martínez - Trombone
Ricard Ortega Ribera - Trombone
Vladimir Vereš - Trombone
Helge von Niswandt - Trombone
Johannes Lipp - Tuba
Marc Voermans - Timpani and Percussion
Jan Westermann - Marimba

In the video:
Mark Voermans - Drums
Helge von Niswandt - Trombone
Sören Linke - Trumpet
Timo Steininger - Horn
Mateusz Dudek - Tuba

Arrangement: Stephan Stadtfeld

Title: Sleigh Ride by Leroy Anderson