Various video sequences (and trailer) for the live performance by Tatiana Mejia at Radialsystem Berlin in cooperation with Tanzfabrik Berlin. The video content was projected onto various screens during the performance.

Swinging, oscillating, swaying – we follow the emergence of movements. Bear witness to manifestations of change. Between the heroine as protagonist and the loser as antagonist.

In her solo dance performance “SWAY”, the choreographer and performer Tatiana Mejía examines socially established, normative associations and sets out to revive the intrinsic value of failure. Taking historical systems of oppression as a starting point, the performance deals with the Superwoman Syndrome and confronts the mainstream archetype of the strong Black woman. In a dynamic interplay of dance, live video projection and sound, Mejía explores different levels of self-perception and prejudice. At the intersection of Western “contemporary” and Afro-diasporic movement language and music, “SWAY” explores the fragile balance between strength, failure, and uncompromising self-assertion.

Artistic direction and performance TATIANA MEJÍA
Stage design CÉCILE BALLY
Music by ALE HOP
Video mapping KALMA
Light design LEO G. ALONSO
Costume design ANNA MIRKIN
Audio description SWANTJE HENKE
Production JON KIRIAC